Adaptable Montessori approaches and outdoor teaching ideas to support moms, teachers, and neurodivergent learners.

“Montessori for Moms” is run by just me, Nicole. I share relatable Montessori content, printable materials, and unique indoor + outdoor learning ideas to support and inspire parents and teachers.

I aim to save you all the time I wasted trying to learn this “Montessori thing” from people who were portrayed perfect homes, unrealistic expectations, and a Montessori approach that was only indoors. We all know Montessori looks like that for VERY few people. For me, Montessori has been adapted to fit my children in our farming lifestyle, and as a teacher to serve all my students, including those who are neurodivergent.

Currently, I run a Montessori Farm School Learning Pod for children ages 4-7 where I utilize my
background and experience in equine therapy, behavior therapy, autism, and Montessori to create a learning environment that supports all types of learners.

The advice, support, ideas, and resources I offer are all things I use every day with my own children and in my own classroom, tried and tested before sharing with you.

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