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Montessori Printables & DIYs

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Kids Activities

Activity Ideas & Inspiration for
ages 18 months – 8 years
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Hello, I’m Nicole, the writer and content creator behind Montessori for Moms.

Growing up, I experienced an education very similar to that of Montessori.
My schooling was individualized to my needs, impactful, and done in a conscious way through being homeschooled by an incredibly passionate and insightful teacher (thanks mom!)
Learning was fun, often done outdoors with our farm animals, and there was always opportunities for exploration.
As I got older, I realized there are far too many people who do not experience education in this way, and I wanted to become a teacher to help change that.
I started my Montessori journey back in 2014 and became an AMS certified Montessori teacher for Early Childhood (ages 3-6)
Currently I’m a full time working mom – teaching at a Montessori school where my son also attends, and we continue a Montessori lifestyle at home which I document through this blog and my Instagram.
Through Montessori for Moms, I aim to be a resource and provide creative content and ideas for parents, teachers, and homeschool families who are interested involving themselves or their children in Montessori.

Happy scrolling – there’s more to come soon – and follow me on Instagram for more activities and ideas!

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